As an Agent or Transaction Coordinator, you’ll be able to quickly add multiple PDFs to the property package and quickly share the information with interested buyer parties.

How It Works

Step 1- Select the Property Package 

Step 2- Select Add Document

This can be found at the top of the package above the coversheet.

Step 3- Select the Upload Method 

Documents can be uploaded to a property package as long as they are saved as PDFs. The options to upload include uploading directly from your computer, emailing the documents into the package, Dropbox, Google Drive, and DocuSign.

Step 4- Select Add Documents 

Once the documents have been selected there will be a progress bar on the right side of the screen. Once all documents reflect a green checkmark the “Add Documents” button will become vibrant and can be clicked. This will ensure the documents are added to the property package and will also prompt the Table of Contents to be updated.

What’s next? 

Documents are now added to your property package and ready for you to share with interested buyer parties. The Coversheet and Table of Contents is automatically updated anytime you add or remove documents from the property package.


Q: How do I organize the order of documents in my property package?

Q: How do I customize my coversheet?

  • A: If you hover over the coverhseet an “Edit” button will appear. Clicking on that will allow you to customize your coversheet. For more information check out this article: How to Edit Your Coversheet
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