Adding Resources to an Enclave

Add additional resources to your Enclave with Build Resource

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Add a Resource 

1) To add additional resources to your project, simply select the purple "+" button in the side navigation. Click on "Build Resource" to go to the Build Resource page.

1.1) Alternatively, click "Build Resource" once you're on an Enclave page.

2) Once on the Build Resource page you select the Enclave you'd like to add a resource to.

3) Select the resource you'd like to build and the location you'd like to put that resource. Then click "Build Resource" to build your selected resource. Note that it can take a couple minutes before it shows up on the Enclave page.

A single Enclave may have many exits or virtual desktops, but only one video conferencing, messaging, file share, or telephony component. 

Launch (all users): To launch a resource, simply click the launch resource link beneath the component name. 

Destroy (owner/admin only): To destroy a resource, select the destroy button on the far right side. The Enclave hub and last exit point cannot be deleted (they will be automatically removed if you delete the project). Once a resource is destroyed, it will no longer be available for use and any data on the resource will be deleted - this means be careful!

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