littleBits gives kids the ability to create anything they can imagine - a wireless doorbell, a remote control car, or a blinking and buzzing sibling alarm. Bits snap together with magnets inside colorful plastic connectors - no soldering, wiring, or programming needed. The magnets are smart and they know which side they’re supposed to connect to. If you feel them repelling or pushing another Bit away, just try connecting to the other side and...*snap*!

Blue Bit: To build a circuit, always start with a blue Bit which provides the juice to get inventions up and running.
Green Bit: By adding a green Bit, you can make your circuit do cool things like light up, make noise, or move stuff.
Pink Bit: By adding a pink Bit, you can adjust the light, sound, and movements.
Orange Bit: You can make a longer circuit by inserting an orange Bit with wires.

Keep in mind that not every invention you try will work out the first time. That’s totally normal! We love learning from fails as much as we love making epic inventions. littleBits is focused on teaching 21st century skills such as creativity, curiosity, and confidence so that children are equipped to succeed in the future.

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