Here’s a rundown of some Minecraft basics and lingo so that you can more easily participate in Minecraft conversations with your kid.

In Minecraft, there’s a few different modes of gameplay. You can play in “creative” mode which gives you access to everything you need without having to search and “mine” or “craft” anything. It’s almost impossible for your character to die in creative. Then there’s “survival” mode which requires you to “mine” and “craft” everything you need to survive in the game. If your kid is a beginner at Minecraft we highly recommend creative mode. 

Biome: The regions within Minecraft. There’s a variety of options like jungle, desert, forest, mountains, all which have their own specific climates.

Creeper: Ah, the creeper. Probably the most irksome hostile mob within Minecraft, it looks like a big green worm and explodes, generally taking out lots of hard work with it.

Mob: Any living creature within the game. This refers to both animals, other Minecraft people, and even “hostile mobs,” which are the bad guys.

Mod: Short for modification. Not to be confused with the DIY moderators! Minecraft offers lots of way to personalize gameplay with different mods from being able to adjust what the textures in the game looks like, to helping create epic builds.

Redstone: A material found within Minecraft used to create circuits and power various devices such as doors, pistons, lights, and machines.

Skin: A skin is a way to personalize your Minecraft character by changing the way they look.

Survival Level - Peaceful: You’re safe from any hostile mobs spawning but still have to “mine” everything you need.

Survival Level - Survival: Hostile mobs spawn, requiring the player to fight them off to keep playing.

Survival Level - Hardcore: Like regular survival but amped up in difficulty.

Wither: A wither is a hostile mob. It looks like a floating black worm. When defeated, it drops a “Nether Star” which helps to craft a beacon, handy when traveling away from your shelter.

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