Professionally Managed cases provide the complete takedown service for $199 per infringing site. Once you supply us with the Infringing (URL), Source (URL) and specific copyright infraction we handle the rest. 

  • We access and contact the ISP.

  • We access and contact the infringing site owner.

  • And most importantly use suitable communication, process and policy adherence for those specific parties.

The value we bring to the table is:

  • Our Takedown experience

  • Our experience, relationships and contacts within the hosting industry and internet community in general. Often takedowns occur outside the USA and the process is very different depending on the country and the hosting company.

  • The DMCA takedown name and reputation – because we are a professional service and present your claim through existing professional channels and relationships we are generally more successful than independent DMCA claims.

  • Case Management – our DMCA Takedown portal provides an easy to read and navigate case management system for you or any other contact on your team to login to review active cases. The DMCA portal also provides a significantly higher level of security than standard email communication.

  • Bulk takedown discount. If you have a number of sites or takedown cases we do offer a discount on more than 10 takedowns conducted at one time.

Protection Pro is a comprehensive DMCA Takedown Toolkit which is a complete "Do it Yourself" Takedown service.

This service provides everything you need to conduct an unlimited number of takedowns on your own for only $10/month or $100/year. 

  • The Copy Scanner will assist you in finding your stolen content. 

  • The Website Detective will assist you in finding the appropriate abuse contacts.

  • A case system is set up for you to manage your takedowns. 

If you have any further questions about these features, please submit a question and we will be happy to answer.

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