Why Create Brand Campaign?

Opteo recommends this improvement when we haven’t been able to detect an active branding campaign in your account. 

We recommend running a branding campaign for five key reasons:

1. Incremental clicks

While bidding on your brand terms will cannibalise some organic traffic, there's plenty of research indicating you'll gain incremental clicks from both paid ads and organic results. Here's an example: 

2. Cost-Effective

Brand traffic is cheap. Quality Scores are artificially high, and conversion rates are often disproportionately strong, so the incremental conversions are usually worth the cost. 

3. Control on Landing Page

You can easily control which page a prospect will land on when they click on a brand ad. You may want to serve modified pages better adapted for AdWords traffic.

4. Protection from Competitors

Better take up the spot so that a competitor doesn't! Bidding on your brand terms increases the cost for competitors to bid on the same terms.

5. Account-Wide Quality Score Boost

Although unproven, if account-wide, historical Quality Scores impact AdRank, consider branding campaigns as an easy way to improve account-wide Quality Scores.

How do I create a branding campaign?

You'll have to create your brand campaign in AdWords, but we'll give you ideas for your ad group name, your new ad, and your brand keywords.

1. Create New Campaign

In AdWords, navigate to the Campaign tab. Click the red + Campaign button and select Search Network Only.

2. Select Campaign Properties

Select All Features instead of Standard. Within the Opteo improvement task, we'll suggest a name for your campaign. Choose Locations, Bids, Budget, click Save and Continue.

3. Name the Ad Group

Again, we'll suggest an ad group name within the Opteo improvement task. 

4. Create a New Ad

Write an ad to capture the attention of people searching for your business. We'll generate an example for your brand within (you've guessed it) the improvement task. 

5. Input Brand Keywords

Cover the basics, as well as thinking about potential misspellings and variations of your domain name. We'll give you a few ideas to get you started.

6. Save Ad Group

Click Save Ad Group. Return to Opteo and hit Recheck Campaigns. We’ll rescan your account for a branding campaign and the improvement task will move into Pushed.

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