Why Optimize Search Query?

If you see this improvement, it means that one of your search terms (queries) is using up budget in your account, but you aren't controlling it directly. 

If the search term is good, it may be worth adding it as a keyword. If the search term isn't performing, you should probably add it as a negative.

We'll tell you the amount spent on this search term, its CPA, and the number of clicks & conversions it generated.

We'll also provide a typical google search result that the search query would generate.

It's generally good practice to keep your search query report well-matched by your keywords & negatives. It can be a lot of work, but it really does help your account healthy!

Details about our decision making:

  • We'll prioritise the queries that are costing you the most.
  • There's no way for us to know whether a search term is good or bad for your account. We'll always prompt you to make the decision.
  • We'll only look at queries generated in the last 60 days (to keep things fresh), but for those queries, we'll gather all-time metrics. This helps beef up stats for search queries which tend to have very low metrics.
  • We'll check your Campaign-level negatives, your AdGroup-level negatives, your shared negative lists and your existing keywords to make sure that a query isn't already covered. If we find an existing keyword, but it isn't [exact], we'll still prompt you for action -- if it's a significant query, it deserves its own [exact] keyword.
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