There are many ways to calculate your carbon footprint. At Dodo, we use the spend-based method for a fast and accurate estimate of emissions. How does it work?

The spend based method

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol establishes comprehensive global standardised frameworks to measure and manage greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

We use the GHG protocol spend-based method along with the widely referenced DEFRA and BEIS conversion factors to generate emissions for your company.

If you spent £100 on a flight for example, we multiply this by the carbon emissions factor for flights (e.g. 3) to generate 300 kgs of CO2.

This method allows us to rapidly calculate your carbon footprint saving you time, while also measuring your entire Scope 3 emissions. This means that you are following best in class methods when it comes to calculating your carbon footprint.

Using the above methodology, we follow four steps to calculate your company's carbon footprint.

Calculate your carbon footprint:


In a two step secure process, we integrate with your accounting software. This gives us everything that we need to calculate your company's carbon footprint. Dodo has 'read-only' access to this data so we can't add or adjust anything in your system.


Using our machine learning script, we automatically categorise thousands of expenses at once. This process ensures the right emissions factor is assigned to your data so we can make it as accurate as possible.


Lastly, we apply all of these emissions factors to your expenses to generate a carbon footprint. We also ask for additional detail on the type and size of your office to generate your emissions from Fuel and Electricity.


We constantly review and update your categories for accuracy. You can also dive into the dashboard yourself to select categories you think are a better fit!

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