We partner with Patch for the very best carbon removal and negative emissions projects for you to choose from.

We have sourced projects that are on the internationally recognised Gold Standard and Verra platforms.

All of our projects work to offset carbon while also satisfying the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The projects satisfy the 7 criteria below to become legitimate carbon offsets:

  1. Permanent: the offset must remove carbon permanently and completely

  2. Measurable: the amount of carbon that the project has captured must be measurable

  3. Transparent: the day-to-day monitoring and verification of the project must be open and honest

  4. Additional: the project must show that the carbon removal wouldn’t otherwise occur without someone having bought the carbon offset in the first place

  5. Avoid leakage: meaning that the project can’t cause emissions to be released elsewhere

  6. Independently audited: a third party needs to verify the projects impact

  7. Registered: Lastly, the project needs to be officially registered in registrars such as the Gold Standard.

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