Data security at Dodo:

At Dodo, we’re committed to best-in-class data protection standards. Our carbon measurement tool aligns with industry standards and follows advanced security measures.

  • Strict security protocols through API connection

  • Read-only access to your accounting data

  • Delete your data at any time

  • Our partners undergo regular testing and have secured ISO27001 certification

  • Fully encrypted in transit

What data do we use?

Dodo only uses the expenses data from your accounting platform. With 'read only' data access we can't make any changes or issue charges through your account.

This data is also fully encrypted in transit using SSL and at rest using AES-256 managed by Microsoft Azure.‍

The specific data that we use is:

  • Transaction date - When you made the purchase or expense

  • Expense category - The category that's assigned e.g. Travel

  • Supplier name - The merchant you purchased the item from

  • Transaction info - The additional details like an expense description

You can check out our privacy policy at

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