Under the Measure page in your dashboard, click 'Add a building' to get started.

If you know your fuel/electricity consumption

Utility suppliers often add your consumption figures directly to your invoice. If you have these to hand you can add them directly into the dashboard.

Just hit Adjust, and then Yes to enter the figures directly.

We use the UK Governments own emissions factors to give you the most accurate estimate of your emissions.

If you don't know your fuel/electricity consumption

For companies that work out of shared spaces or larger offices, it's not always possible to get your utility information.

That's why we've made it easy for you to get an estimate based on the square footage of the office.

Click on Add a building, fill in the steps, and then hit Adjust beside the item. Under the dropdown, you can select No beside the item.

You'll see that we've generated emissions for your building. We use the total size of the office along with consumption averages to generate an estimate of the carbon.

Don't forget that you can add as many buildings or offices as you like and can update the data at any stage!

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