What is a Climate Impact Report?

This is a report where you can show off your sustainability credentials. It will show your company's overall footprint, any offsets you've purchased, and the types of carbon standards that you now align with.

You can check out what ours looks like here!

So how do I set it up?

To get started, you can add your card details under the Account and then Subscription page. This will open up the area where you can then add your profile.

What do I need to include?

You can include your company's logo, tagline, and the reason why your company wanted to measure and reduce it's footprint.

What's next?

You will get a unique URL specific to your company. This means that you can add the link to your website, share it with your team, or share with your customers.

We'll update your emissions data each month automatically so you can sit back and relax, there's nothing else left for you to do!

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