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Introduction to Big Help Out 24 platform and how to sign up
Introduction to Big Help Out 24 platform and how to sign up
Updated over a week ago

If you go to this page on the BHO site, and click the ¨Big help out platform¨ button or follow the link in your email if you have been invited via invitation

it will take you through to this page...

(It´s currently branded Doit, but that will change soon!)

  1. Create your user account and fill in the details.

Or Sign in if you already have an account

2. Add your code from your email. If you didn't get an email we are working on a solution to get a text by mobile as google and Microsoft inbox functionality is something to be said for receiving emails where it´s from a new organisation! Anyhow try and click resend code and look in your spam.

3. Add your organisation information here...

Then add your URL, contact details and please make sure to add your terms of service if you would like your volunteers to accept doits terms and conditions and your terms and conditions.

Also to note, the url cannot be shorter than 5 letters and no longer than 10

4. Add any fellow admins here via email, or come back to it later

5. As you have been invited to Together, with the BHO app 24 switched on, accept the terms and conditions and away you go!

6. This step is slightly odd and is being removed however for the time being just select your org name in the drop down and click proceed.

7. And your in! Click on the create new activity and make sure to click ongoing role.

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