At DolarApp we always work to ensure that your digital dollars and your account are safe. Some facts prove it.

📖 Regulation

DolarApp is legally incorporated under the laws of the United States of Mexico.

DolarApp being a decentralized finance platform does not capture money from users, therefore it is not subject to the same financial regulation as a traditional bank or fintech.

Our role is to connect people interested in acquiring digital dollars (users) with companies interested in selling them (independent liquidity providers) and vice versa for the balance withdrawal process.

These partner companies that act as independent liquidity providers comply with the corresponding rules for their operation and face money laundering. Anyway, we do a profile review with the information provided to avoid misuse of our platform

We have SAT approval to work with virtual assets and comply with the delivery of reports for both virtual asset purchase and credit card operations.

All our partners trust us and help us build a product that is safe for users, which is evident in our SOC2 certificate and Safety Audit.

🗂Top investors and partners

We are backed by prestigious investors such as Y Combinator and Kaszek (investors in companies such as Airbnb, Rappi, Nubank, Credijusto) and we have top-notch partners such as Mastercard.

🔐 Security of your account

We have implemented the most advanced security measures to protect your account and your card:

  • 2 factor authentication

  • Freeze your card whenever you want

  • Protect your payments with 3DS technology

⚙️ Support when you need it

We have a customer support service where users can contact us via instant chat in case they have any problem with their account, payment or transaction.

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