What is the DolarCard?

DolarCard is an international Mastercard that you can use for purchases in any currency, anywhere in the world. Always at the best exchange rate and no hidden fees.

DolarCard is a secured credit card, therefore, you will need to have balance on DolarApp (which serves as a card guarantee) to be able to make purchases with it.

It is backed by Mastercard, which makes it offer the best coverage nationally and internationally, with additional benefits such as cleaning or generating credit history with each payment.

The virtual card is totally free and you can use it to pay at any online commerce (including recurring payments or in applications). Also, you can request your physical card by paying the $4.99 USD for the shipment and it will not have any annuity or maintenance cost. With it you can make payments at any commerce that has Mastercard terminal.

Why should I use my DolarCard?

Rewards 💰

Receive up to 4% cashback on all your expenses, with no limits. The more digital dollar balance you have in DolarApp, the more cashback you will get. You can learn more about how to earn cashback with your DolarCard here.

Utility 💡

Pay directly in USD, with total transparency and at no cost. It is perfect for traveling and using it in international payments.

No annuity, no hidden fees, no minimum expenses.

Safety 🔒

Your DolarCard is protected with ultimate technology and has security validations such as 2FA (to access the app) and 3DS (for online payments). In addition, we have many other security tools to give you the certainty that your payments are safe with us.

Control ✅

You can manage it 100% online. You can see your card details to make payments, block your card, check your PIN... everything on the same app!

So, what are you waiting for?

Get your DolarCard now and start enjoying all the benefits and surprises that DolarApp has for you.

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