If you are a new user go ahead and sign up to Donut here. As soon as your account is verified you'll automatically start on the Save plan. You can change the plan by following three easy steps:

  1. Tap “Optimize” on the Home Screen

  2. Select a Plan

  3. Swipe the switch bar at the bottom to change the plan

If you are an existing user you'll have to update the app to start using Plans. Follow the guidelines above to switch between the plans.

If you are currently on Donut Fixed, your plan will automatically switch to Save, and nothing will change.

If you are currently on Variable, your plan will also automatically switch to Save, giving you a fixed 4% APY on your investment. If you would like to earn more interest, you can switch to Build or Grow in the app at any time. Please note that you'll need to have a minimum of $2500 in your Donut account to unlock Build and a minimum of $5000 to access Grow. No minimum is needed for Save.

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