Save is one of the three plans, along with Build and Grow. This is our most secure plan, offering a predictable 4% fixed APY. We directly oversee your funds, converting your dollars to digital dollars (DAI) then lending them out to a trusted pool of institutional borrowers. In return, the borrowers pay high rates of interest.

In contrast, Build combines lending to institutional borrowers and lending through Yearn, a trusted service that manages over $2 billion in assets. Yearn's unique algorithm optimizes yields across several DeFi protocols, which means that customers on Build can earn higher interest, from 5-7% APY. To access Build, you need to have at least $2500 in your Donut account.

The Grow plan relies solely on Yearn and offers the highest APY, from 6-10%. You'll need to have at least $5000 in your Donut account to access Grow.

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