The Grow plan is designed to make the most out of DeFi lending opportunities, giving you between 6-10% APY so you can grow your wealth.

Whereas Save is a conservative strategy which lends to only institutional borrowers, and Build is a balanced strategy, that combines lending to institutional borrowers and lending via Yearn, Grow is powered only by Yearn.

Yearn is a trusted service in the DeFi space, where over $2 billion in assets are safely earning at any given time. It's unique in that it applies an algorithmic strategy to optimize your yields across several DeFi protocols, including Compound, Aave and dydx.

Our minimum APY offering for Grow is 6% and this can rise to 10%, but you'll need to have at least $5000 in your Donut account to access Grow. For Build, you get a protected base APY of 5%, rising to 7%, and you only need $2500 in your account to access the plan. Save offers you a predictable 4% fixed APY, with no minimum deposit required.

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