Manage audience questions

There are a number of features that can help you run a great Q&A: pin, edit, and archive questions.

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There's no limit on how many questions your participants can submit.

You can use the Pin feature to make it obvious for the audience which question is being discussed. When pinned, the question stays at the top of the list of questions.

You can Pin multiple questions and they will be ordered by the time they were pinned. Other questions are ordered by upvotes they have.

Event creators, Collaborators and members of your Dory team can edit and delete inappropriate questions.

Once the question has been answered, you can simply Archive it to make room for the next question.

The questions will remain stored in the archive. You can restore a question from the archive by going to the Archive tab and clicking the Unarchive button. The question will re-appear in the list of questions.


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