Event Settings overview

Use Event Settings to view and edit your event information

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Once you’ve created your event, you can still change its settings. To access the event Settings, click the gear icon near the event title at the top:

Here’s what you can find under the Event Settings:

  • Name - title of your Event.

  • Date - date of your Event.

  • URL - here is pre-generated URL which you can customize.

  • Event Type - there are 2 Event types: Public and Private. All Public events can be accessed by anyone with the event URL. Private events are accessible only for the users in your domain.

  • Engagement Settings - anonymous submissions, upvoting and commenting is enabled by default, but you can easily disable these features before or during the event if needed.

  • Event Status - when the Event is in the Open status participants can submit questions. When the Event status changed to Closed, participants can still see and upvote questions but new questions can't be submitted.

  • Invite Collaborators - here you can add users who can help you with managing questions, moderate the event.

  • Delete Event - after the Event is deleted, participants can not submit and see its questions.

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