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As an event creator or collaborator when start answering the questions it's always best to Pin the question that you're answering. So everybody is aware of which question you're answering.

πŸ“Œ Pin question

  1. Go to a particular question

  2. Hover over the question and click the Pin question icon. This will highlight the question and move it to the top of the list.

It's also possible to pin multiple questions.

Pinned questions are ordered by the time they were pinned. All others questions are ordered by upvotes.

The questions that were answered or that you don't need to see anymore can be hidden to Archive. You can do so by clicking on the Archive icon.

You can still access the questions in the Archive tab. Votes will remain.


πŸ—‚ Archive a question

To archive a question:

  1. Go to questions

  2. Hover over the question you wish to archive and click the Archive icon.

Access archived questions

In the Archive tab you can view and access all questions that you archived, marked as answered or deleted.

πŸ’« Restore archived questions

Archived questions can be restored from the Archived tab by clicking the Restore button. They will re-appear live in the Present mode.

  1. Go to Archive tab

  2. Hover over the question and click the Unarchive button


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