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This article covers how billing and payments work on Dory.

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Dory billing basics

Below are the main components of Dory’s billing system

  1. Team-based subscriptions. Teams on Dory may subscribe to the Lite (free), Plus, or Enterprise plan. You may be part of multiple teams. Billing and payments are managed separately for each team.

  2. Fixed and per-seat billing. Dory's paid subscription has two components.

    1. Fixed base fee which includes three event-admin user licenses (seats).

    2. Per-seat fee for additional event-admins in your team.

  3. Annual and monthly billing intervals. Plans are billed at the start of the subscription. You can choose to pay monthly or annually.

Billing for additional seats

Additional seats are billed on a prorated basis so you only pay for the remainder of your current annual billing cycle when you buy more seats.

Current plan details and upcoming payments

To view details of your team's current subscription and your billing information:

  • Go to the Plans & Billing section under Team Settings.

  • Here you can see your team's current plan, how much you're paying for it yearly and the date it will renew.

  • You can also view the total number of event-admin seats you are paying for here.

Invoices for past payments

We email you an invoice for every payment. Invoices are sent directly from our payment partner, Stripe.

The email subject line starts with Your Fluxon Apps LLC receipt.

Transactions related to your Dory subscription will show up on your bank/credit card statement with the description -

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