Audience Polls

This article outlines how to create and manage audience polls on Dory.

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Polls are great for collecting feedback, gauging audience opinion, and warming up the audience with fun icebreakers.

Creating a new poll

You can create one or more polls as part of a Dory event. To create a new poll,

  1. Start by create a new Dory event, if you haven't created one already.

  2. Navigate to the Polls section of your event.

  3. Click on “Create new poll”.

  4. Enter the poll question and answer options.

  5. Click on Launch to set the poll live immediately, or Save Draft to launch later.

Voting on polls

Once a poll goes live, event participants can see and vote on it by opening the Dory event URL on their mobile phone or desktop.

The event URL and QR code automatically leads users to the live poll.

Saving as draft

When creating a new poll, you can choose to save it as a draft and launch later.

Draft polls are not visible to event participants and can be launched any time during the event by clicking on the Launch button.

Ending a poll

To end a live poll, simply click on the End button.

Ended polls are not visible to event participants.

Note: There can be only one poll live at any time. Launching a new poll automatically ends the previous one.

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