What is the Client Portal

Whenever you create and publish a Workflow, you generate a Client Portal. It's the similar to a form, and is where the end user will provide information and go through verification steps.

With the Client Portal, end users do not have to fill all their application at once, they can just resume later where they left. You also always know at which exact step is a user.

How it Works

The user journey on the Client Portal always start with entering their First Name, Last Name and Email.

When this is done they will receive an email. Clicking the link in the email will take them to the next Workflow Step.

On the left side of the Client Portal is the Stepper. It shows the end user which step have been completed, and what are the upcoming steps.

If the user leave the Client Portal without fully completing their Application, they can return later by clicking the same link. When entering their email, we will let them know that we have found an existing Application. Clicking Resume application will trigger an email with a link pointing towards the next Workflow Step.

Personalize the Client Portal

You have the option to personalize the Logo, the Banner, and select a Primary Color for the Client Portal in the Workflow Settings.

Those settings will also apply to any email sent in the context of this Workflow.

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