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Reputation Score
Reputation Score
Written by Estee Rebibo
Updated over a week ago

Why should I make a referral on Draftboard?

Making a referral on Draftboard benefits both you and the candidate. You get paid and the candidate has a higher chance of landing an interview since their application is coming from you, a referrer with a strong reputation (instead of getting lost in the shuffle with the hundreds of other candidates applying on Indeed/LinkedIn/the company’s website).

What do you mean by "reputation"?

In real life your reputation is earned (or ruined!) by virtue of your real-life actions. So too on Draftboard: your reputation is based on your actual referral performance, and it’s reflected in your Draftboard Reputation Score. Your score increases the further your referrals makes it through a company's interview process; similarly, your score decreases when you submit poor quality referrals.

Why should I care about my Reputation Score?

Companies use Reputation Score to decide which referrals to accept or prioritize - they set minimum Reputation Scores for each role they post. If your Score is above that minimum, you’re able to refer them candidates; if it’s below, you’re not.

So the higher your Score the more (a) roles you will be eligible to refer for, and (b) attractive your candidates are to companies. As a beta Scout, you'll start out with the highest possible score (5.0). But be mindful this will adjust as you make referrals!

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