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Interview Bonus
Written by Estee Rebibo
Updated over a week ago

Scouts are now rewarded for securing first interviews for their candidates (in addition to any referral bonuses they may earn).

Here’s how it works:

  • At the end of the month we look at which candidates received first interviews

  • For each one of those, the referring scout will be paid $25

  • We’ll reach out to those scouts who are eligible for payment to notify them, and they just need to make sure their bank account is connected in their Settings menu

And here are some more details:

What counts as a first interview?

The first “live” interaction a company has with a candidate. This could be a call, a meeting, a video call, coffee, etc.

Who determines what counts as a first interview?

Draftboard has the sole right to determine this - we try our utmost to be as accurate as possible.

How does Draftboard determine that a candidate made it to the first interview stage?

It’s not trivial, but we’ve developed a couple methods:

  • For companies that list their roles manually on Draftboard (i.e. no Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is integrated):

    • When a company marks that they want to advance a candidate after seeing their resume, we count that as a first interview

  • For companies that list their roles on Draftboard via an ATS integration:

    • We see what stage(s) candidates progress to within the ATS. We’ve done signficant work to map the thousands of stage names that companies use to about a dozen overarching categories - one of them being ‘Screening Call’. Any candidate whose ATS stage is mapped to our ‘Screening Call’ stage is considered to have gotten a first interview.

      • Note that here we are entirely reliant on the company’s use of the ATS - if they aren’t good about ‘ATS hygiene’ (i.e. marking which stages candidates are in / reach), they we can’t know what’s going on with those candidates. We can only pay interview bonuses when we see that the candidate has moved to the first interview stage within the ATS, regardless of what a candidate might have relayed to a scout directly.

Are there any restrictions?

Yes - scouts are only eligible for Interview Bonuses if they are in good standing with regards to Draftboard’s terms of service. In addition, if we see that the quality of any scout’s referrals is too low (based on our own determination), we reserve the right to withhold any Interview Bonuses.

  • What we absolutely don’t want is scouts referring loads and loads of bad candidates in the hopes that a few will get interviews - we will do everything we can to discourage and prevent that behavior.

  • Ultimately, Draftboard reserves the sole right to determine which scouts are eligible for the Interview Bonus, which interview stages trigger a bonus, and whether a bonus will be paid at all. We aim to be eminently fair and will almost certainly err on the side paying vs. not paying in borderline situations, but since this is a new concept we need the flexibility to deal with bad actors & outcomes that we could not or did not foresee.

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