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Connect to SAM Spectra/Central Access
Connect to SAM Spectra/Central Access

Ready to get your SAM Spectra integration set up so you can see GPA? Here are the steps to get this done with your SAMS Administrator.

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Before you can see GPA and transcript information for your students, you need to connect your SAM Spectra database to DragonFly MAX. Your SAMS Administrator is responsible for setting up this integration.

These are the steps to take:

  1. Using your SAMS software, open the Admin Portal

  2. Select External Applications > Athlete Eligibility

  3. You should see a "DragonFly Integration" button. Select this item.

  4. You should also be given an option to determine which "Filter Group" you wish to send to DragonFly.  Be sure to select a filter group that includes those athletes who have provided consent for their information to be used. (This consent is included in the MHSAA Consent Forms that are signed at the start of the year.)

  5. Once you have selected this, a secure connection will be established between SAMS and DragonFly.

  6. Within 24 hours, the appropriate data will begin to be available for your school in the Academic Integration column in DragonFly.  If you do not see this information, please reach out to DragonFly for assistance.

7. After the initial 24 hour waiting period, the “Academic Integration” column should now be visible on your “People” Checklist, as seen below.

8. To connect a student, click “Connect Transcript” and select them from the menu. You can also search for the student by name or ID, as highlighted below. 

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