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Connect to PowerSchool, iNOW and Chalkable
Connect to PowerSchool, iNOW and Chalkable
Ready to track GPA in DragonFly? Here are the steps to get this done with PowerSchool, iNOW and Chalkable.
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  1. Sign in to DragonFly MAX in your web browser. Click “Schools and People” on the left side menu, then select “Setup School” from the top menu. From the “Setup School” screen, click the “Setup Academic Integrations” button.

2. Click the “+ New Integration” button in the top left corner, then select PowerSchool or iNOW from the Provider drop-down menu.

3. The system will generate a username and password, as seen below. Save the password by clicking the “copy” button and pasting it somewhere on your device. You will need this password later to complete the integration. 

4. Enter your 7-digit school ID from PowerSchool or iNOW. Your school ID is your 4-digit district code plus your 3-digit school code. You can find your school ID by exporting a grade file in TSV or CSV format and checking the 7-digit code in the first column of the spreadsheet.

5. Click “Save Integration” to submit the SFTP information to DragonFly MAX and return to the Setup screen. Copy and save the information highlighted below. You will need this info to connect DragonFly MAX to PowerSchool or iNOW.

  • Password (You copied this in Step 3)

  • Username

  • URL (Host)

  • Port

6. Sign in to PowerSchool as an administrator and visit your system settings. Select "Manage Remote Connections" and create a new connection with DragonFly MAX using the information you saved in step 5 above.

Note: Users with iNOW/Chalkable will need to create a support case in PowerSource with the above information and an iNOW support specialist will complete the integration for you. Please include the above information (Username, Password, URL and Port), as well as this sample grade file, which will tell the support specialist what type of grade report you need. Request for this grade report to run daily.

7. Once you establish a remote connection, you will have to generate a grade report from PowerSchool to be sent to DragonFly. This can be created through your "Reports" settings. We recommend you schedule this report to run daily, so that the grades in DragonFly are always up-to-date. Below is a series of screenshots of the report setup screen in PowerSchool. Click the button below to view a sample file of what grade data needs to be included in your report.

Report Setup

Report Parameters

Report Scheduling

8. Once you submit your reporting information to PowerSchool, it will upload your data to DragonFly MAX. DragonFly imports and processes academic data on a nightly basis. It’s best to return to DragonFly MAX about 24 hours after you submit the remote connection and report to PowerSchool.

7. After the initial waiting period, the “Academic Integration” column should now be visible on your “People” Checklist, as seen below.

8. To connect a student, click “Connect Transcript” and select them from the menu. You can also search for the student by name or ID, as highlighted below. 

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