Note: You'll need to set up and fund your DragonFly Cash Account before you can pay officials. Click here for instructions on completing this preliminary step.

1. Log in to DragonFly on your computer's web browser and select 'Game Schedules' in the left-side menu.

2. Select the game you want to pay for from the list, then select the 'Officials & Workers' tab in the right-side panel.

3. First each person must be verified, which indicates they attended the game or event. This can be done by an administrator at the school or officials association. Select 'Manage Payments' then select the 'Verified' checkbox next to each official.

4. Be sure the checkbox is selected to the left of each name you want to add to the pay sheet, then select the 'Add to Pay Sheet' button.

5. You can add these people to an existing pay sheet, or select the '+' icon to create a new pay sheet.

6. The New Pay Sheet panel will appear when the '+' icon is selected. Complete each field and select 'Save Pay Sheet' to save your new pay sheet.

7. To access your pay sheets, return to the main Game Schedule page and select the 'Pay Sheets' button in the top-right corner. Your available pay sheets will be visible in the drop-down menu. Select the pay sheet you would like to manage.

7. Review each item on your pay sheet with the drop-down arrow.

8. Select 'Pay Now' to pay all of the individuals from your DragonFly Cash Account.

9. Select 'Send for Payment' to generate an invoice for your organization, which you can view by visiting 'Payments' > 'Invoices' > 'Pay Sheets'.

10. Once a payment has been sent, you will see the individual transaction in the cash account that you used as your payment method. You can export the transaction to a spreadsheet by selecting the download button in the top-right corner.

10. You can access an invoice/receipt for payments in the 'Invoices' tab of the Payments section.

If you sent an individual payment, you can double click the line item and a printable invoice will appear in an overlay.

If you paid by pay sheet, select the 'Pay Sheets' tab at the top of the screen, then click on the '+' icon in the line item for a list of all invoices paid. You can double-click on an item to view a printable invoice in an overlay window.

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