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Officials & Game Workers: How do I view and transfer my money on the mobile app?
Officials & Game Workers: How do I view and transfer my money on the mobile app?

Officials and game workers can view their payments balance and transfer their pay to their bank account through the DragonFly MAX app.

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1. Log in to the DragonFly app and tap on the Pay icon in the bottom menu.

2. Tap on the 'Withdraw' button and then the 'Add Bank Account' button. Our system supports both checking and savings accounts.

3. Input and save your bank account information, tax information, physical address and mailing address. Note: DragonFly collects your tax information to issue your IRS Form 1099 each year if you make $600 or more. Click here for information about our security practices and military-grade encryption to keep your data safe.

Tip: If you are on an iPhone or iPad, use two fingers to scroll through this form.

4. DragonFly will verify that you have access to the bank account by making two micro-deposits into your bank account. These small amounts are under a dollar each and they will appear in your bank account with the description 'DragonFly Athlet Amts'.

Note: The micro-deposits will be reversed and withdrawn from your account in one sum after your account has been verified.

Please allow 24-48 hours for the micro-deposits to appear in your bank account BEFORE entering any information. Attempting to enter any numbers for micro-deposits more than 10 times will lock your account and when locked, you will have to delete your payment account and start over.

If you delete your payment account for any reason, the original micro-deposits will no longer be valid, and you will therefore have to wait for the new deposits to appear in your bank account.

5. Once you see the micro-deposits in your bank account, tap the 'Withdraw' button and then the 'Verify Bank Account' button.

6. Enter each micro-deposit amount and then the 'Submit Verification' button.

7. Now you're ready to transfer your money. Tap on the 'Withdraw' button, then the 'Transfer to Bank Account' button.

8. Enter the amount you want to withdraw then select your bank account from the drop-down menu. Select the 'Request' button to finalize your request. You will receive a confirmation email with your withdrawal details.

9. It will take 3-5 business days for the funds to transfer to your bank account. Officials and game workers can withdraw funds up to 4 times per calendar month. Any additional transfers beyond 4 per calendar month will result in a $5 fee per withdraw.

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