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How do I assign officials to an area tournament?

Assigners can filter the Game Schedule by sport, area, class and date range to find their tournament games.

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1. Log in to the NFHS Center for Officials Services on your computer's web browser and select 'Game Schedules' from the left-side menu.

2. In the filtering bar at the top of the screen, select your sport, area and class from the drop-down menu.

3. In the 'Date Range' bar, select the date range of your area tournament.

4. Your tournament game(s) will appear in the list. Click on the game to open the right-side panel.

5. Select the 'Officials & Workers' tab to assign officials to the game.

6. To view and assign additional games, update the 'Class' filter in the filtering bar for every class your association covers. If you have games on additional dates, update the 'Date Range' filter as well.

7. Complete steps 4-6 for every class in your area (1A-7A) until officials are assigned to all games in the area tournament.

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