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How do I register as a returning official?

Officials who have previously used the NFHS Center for Officials Services will log in with their existing DragonFly account.

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1. Log in on your computer's web browser using your existing the username and password โ€” the same you used to register in a previous year.

2. On your Today page you will see your registration status with your state association for the upcoming year. Select the 'Complete Your Registration' button.

3. Select the 'Start' button next to each item in your registration checklist to complete each requirement. Some items are electronic forms, others may require upload of a certificate or physical, and you may be required to take an NFHS Rules Exam.

4. When you have completed all requirements for state registration, your progress bar at the top of the checklist will be green and 100%. Select 'Today' from the left-side menu. Note: some items in your checklist may say 'pending approval' from your association. If so, there's nothing else you need to do.

5. If you're connected to a local association or pool, select the 'Complete Your Registration' button on your Today page underneath the name of your local group. This will bring up a checklist where you can complete any local requirements.

6. When you've completed registration for both your state and local associations/groups, your progress bars will be green and 100% on your Today page.

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