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Officials: Add and/or Remove a Sport

You can update your sports by going to your profile, then viewing your registration checklist for the current school year.

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Officials in the NFHS Center for Officials Services (COS), powered by DragonFly, can register for multiple sports and activities with one account.

1. Log in on your computer's web browser and select either the 'Complete your Registration' or 'Revisit Your Registration' button on your Today page.

2. Select the 'Add/Change Sports' button in the top-right corner of your registration checklist.

3. Choose and/or remove your selected sports and activities, then select the 'Save Sports' button in the bottom-right corner.

4. Your registration checklist will now reflect your changes. If you removed a sport, those requirements will no longer be visible on your checklist. If you added a sport, you will see new registration requirements in your checklist. To complete each registration requirement, select the red button on the right side of each item.

5. Some sports require that you choose at least one local association/group/pool based on your geographic location. Select the 'Pick a Local Association' button and then search for your association by name or region.

6. When you have completed all requirements, your progress bar at the top of the screen will be green and 100% complete.

7. To complete any registration requirements for your local association/group/pool, select the 'Complete Your Registration' button on your Today page and complete each item on your local checklist.

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