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Managing Your Playoff and Tournament Events

Instructions for verifying officials, contacting key people and event personnel, editing event details, etc.

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  1. Log in to your DragonFly account, and click "Game Schedule" on the left hand side of your screen.

  2. If you're searching for a specific event, use the filters to find the correct school and/or date for the event.

  3. If you are managing a stand-alone event, simply click on the event in the game schedule to edit the event.

  4. If you are managing a Playoff or Tournament, click on the blue "Manage Events" button which will display the individual events within the Playoff or Tournament.

  5. Clicking the event will open the slider menu with the following sections:

    1. "Game Details": make change to date, time, location, facility, home/away, host, etc.

    2. "Officials and Workers": Assign and pay your officials and contest workers

    3. "Documents": Game contracts, ejection reports, incident reports, sanctioning, etc.

    4. "Key People": View and communicate with all of the key personnel (assignor, athletic director, coach, contest officials, coaches, game workers)

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