Auto Assignments for Officials

Assigners and booking agents can use this feature to automatically assign contest officials to games.

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1. Log in and select 'Game Schedules' in the left-side menu.

2. Select the 'Assign' tab at the top of the screen.

3. Select the 'Sport' filter, then choose your sport from the drop-down menu. (Auto Assign is only available within a single sport.) Then select the 'Officiating Status' filter and narrow your list to 'Unassigned' games.

4. Select the checkbox next to each game you want to Auto Assign, or use the 'Select All' checkbox to select all visible games.

5. Select 'Auto Assign' in the top-left corner of the schedule.

6. The Auto Assigner window will provide an overview of your Auto Assign criteria.

  1. The 'Games Selected' section will summarize your games and positions.

  2. The 'Assignment Options' section allows you to narrow Auto Assignments to particular positions. To Auto Assign particular positions, select the 'Positions' checkbox, then choose the position(s) from the drop-down menu.

  3. Use the 'Officials Criteria' section to select the parameters for your officials.

Once all of your Auto Assign criteria is selected, click the 'Assign' button.

7. Auto Assign will run, then you will be quickly redirected to a Summary Report of the assignments. Summary data will be visible in the 'Details' section and you will also see a game-by-game rundown in the 'Assignment Summary' section. Select the 'Close' button to return to the Game Schedule.

8. Select the 'Auto Assign' button in the top-right corner to see a rundown of any prior Auto Assignments you have run. Successful assignments will have a green checkmark, and those that failed will have a red 'X' in the list. Select an individual auto assignment to revisit the Summary Report.

9. Auto-Assigning does not publish assignments and notify your officials. To publish your assignments, select the 'Actions' menu at the top of the schedule, then 'Publish Pending Assignments' from the drop-down menu.

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