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How to Create and Set Turnback Policies on Assignments

You can now set a "Turnback" policy on game assignments. A "Turnback" is a set amount of time officials/workers have to accept assignments.

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Creating a Turnback Policy

1. Log in to DragonFly on your computer's web browser and select β€˜Game Schedules’ in the left-side menu.

2. Click on the "gear Icon" in the top right of the page

3. Click on "Turnback Policies"

4. Click on "Add New Turnback Policy"

5. Put in all of the parameters for the type of contest(s) you want this policy to apply to


  • Selecting "Is Default" will apply this to all contests meeting the entered criteria automatically

  • "Days Until Turnback" refers to the number of calendar days from the date the assignment was published for the turnback to occur (e.g. if you set 5 days, then 5 days after you publish an assignment, if the official/worker has not accepted the assignment, they will be turned back.)

  • Conflict type equates to how you want the status to display in DragonFly.

    • Hard = displays in red and is considered a hard turnback (rejection) --- officials will appear only when "Show Blocked Officials" is selected.

    • Soft = displays in yellow and is considered a soft turnback (rejection) --- officials will appear in the pool of all available officials with a note.

6. Click on Save to save the policy

  • Will now apply to all games that meet the criteria you entered

  • You can set multiple policies as long as they do not conflict (e.g. have the same sport and level -- you can have a turnback policy for varsity football and a separate one for jv football)

  • Important to know that the system scans games 21 days into the future and then compares to your turnback policies. If any turnback actions are needed, it will then apply. Anything outside of 21 days will not apply until within the 21 day window.

Setting a Turnback Policy

If you followed the above steps and selected "Is Default", your policy is now set on on all contests that meet those criteria.

To manually set a policy in individual contests, follow these steps:

1. Click on a contest to open the game details and then click on "Officials & Workers" tab at the top

2. Once here, you will see the "Turnback Settings" section

3. Enter the the number of days you want to set for the turnback and the conflict type (Hard or Soft), then press save

4. Your Turnback is now set on that individual contest


You can set turnback's for workers with the same steps, just click on Worker toggle to set this

You can also set a turnback policy to multiple games in bulk

  1. Check the boxes of the games you wish to apply the policy to (or don't check any to apply to all on screen).

  2. Then click on the Actions button at the top and select 'Update Turnback Policies

  3. Then click on the policy you want to apply to the selected games and click on 'Apply"

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