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Officials & Game Workers : How To Download Your 1099
Officials & Game Workers : How To Download Your 1099
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DragonFly will provide a 1099 for Officials/Game Workers that will be available to download from your account.

Login from the website

  1. Click on the ‘My Money’ tab on the left hand side

  2. Click the blue ‘1099’ button at the top of that page and choose the year '2023'

  3. From there a copy will download to your computer/device

***Missing Tax Information. If you are receiving a notice, in lieu of Form 1099-NEC, due to missing tax identification information (TIN).

To update your TIN information:
● Navigate to My Money
● Select Manage Accounts
● Select to Add New Bank Account
● Input and save your bank account information, tax information, physical address and
mailing address.

Be sure to enter the correct tax information. The IRS considers TIN to be Correct if both the name and number match the name and number according to the records of the Social Security Administration

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