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Deal Movement & Creation Automation Master List
Deal Movement & Creation Automation Master List

In this Help Article, we're going to outline the different Deal Movement Automations inside of DripJobs

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DripJobs workflow automation is incredibly powerful. Based off of specific actions taken by either you (the User) or your customers, DripJobs will move deals automatically.

Here's a list of the Deal Movement & Creation Automations

Deal Created Automatically in "New Leads" when a Lead is sent to DripJobs via API (Zapier)

Zapier API

Zapier is the easiest way to get leads inside of DripJobs. In order to do so, you must ensure that your lead provider can send leads to Zapier. Here's a list of a few that we are certain can come from HomeAdvisor:

  • HomeAdvisor

  • Angie's List

  • Painter's Choice

  • Facebook Leads

  • ManyChat Messenger Leads

    Remember: You must have a Zapier PRO account in order to integrate leads.

Trigger: When a new deal is created through Zapier

Action 1: Contact Created in DripJobs

Action 2: Deal Created in New Leads Stage

Action 3: New Lead Drip Sequence Activated

Action 4: User Notified of New Lead Through Email Notification

Step 1: Define a Trigger

Step 2: Define a Trigger Event for the associated App or Service you are pulling leads in from

Step 3: Test your Trigger to ensure you pulled in the correct data

Step 4: Find DripJobs and Select the "Create Lead in DripJobs" Action

Important: Currently, there is only one Deal Stage this will default to, which is "New Leads"

Step 5: Copy & Paste your Unique Zapier API Code found in the "Settings - Integrations" Tab of your DripJobs Account

Step 6: Set up the action - find the data from your trigger and input them into the DripJobs Values listed

Step 7: Turn on your new Zap

Step 8: Hit "Test & Continue"

Step 9: Visit the Deals Dashboard of your DripJobs account and confirm the new lead has been added to the "New Leads" stage.

Important: If you have a drip to be sent "Immediately" for Deals created in the New Lead Stage, this lead will receive it.

Deal in "New Lead" or "Estimate Pending" stage that uses the "Customer Portal" to Request an Appointment will move to Estimate Requested Automatically Once Request is Made

This automation is great for Drip emails that string out to a New Lead that hasn't committed to an appointment yet.

Trigger: When a customer with a Deal in New Lead or Estimate Pending uses their Customer Portal to request an estimate

Action 1: DripJobs Moves Deal to Estimate Requested Stage

Action 2: User Notified of Request Via Email Notification

Action 3: Appointment Request Created in Appointments Tab

Action 4: Estimate Requested Drip Sequence Activated

Step 1: Customer has a Deal in New Leads Category

Step 2: Drip sends with a "Schedule" link attached to it

Step 3: Customer opens the link which will lead to their Customer Portal, they use the "New Appointment" form to request an appointment date & time.

Step 4: DripJobs recognizes the new request, and moves the deal to the "Estimate Requested" Deal Stage automatically

Important: In order for the automation to flow correctly, the customer has to be in a Deal Stage prior to "Estimate Requested" (New Lead or Estimate Pending Stage)

Appointments Requested through Unique Booking URL Creates deal Automatically in Estimate Requested Stage

Trigger: Customer uses Unique URL to Request an Appointment

Action 1: Contact is Created in DripJobs

Action 2: Deal is Created in Estimate Requested Deal Stage

Action 3: Appointment Request Created in Appointments Tab

Action 4: User Notified Via Email of the Request

Action 5: Drip Sequence for Estimate Requested Stage is Activated

The DripJobs Booking Link is a great way to streamline appointment requests and will allow you to input customer information into DripJobs automatically.

First, find your DripJobs Booking Link inside of Settings. It will be next to the sub header that says "Subdomain"

Common places this link can be utilized:

  • On your website

  • Sent through text or email

  • On ads or other marketing channels

When someone clicks on the link, they'll be taken to your Appointment Request Form. From here, they have the ability to submit a request for an appointment by choosing two dates that they prefer:

Once a request is submitted, a Deal for this contact will be created in the "Estimate Requested" Deal Stage automatically.

You'll get a notification in your email informing you of the request:

Inside of DripJobs, you'll see the NEW Appointment Request inside of your Appointments Tab:

Appointments Booked with a Deal in Estimate Requested stage will move to Estimate Scheduled Stage

Trigger: When an Appointment Request is Scheduled

Action 1: Move Deal to Estimate Scheduled Deal Stage

Action 2: Estimate Scheduled Drip Sequence is Activated

Action 3: Add Event to Appointments Calendar

To review and Book the Request, click here:

A form like this will populate with the request details and the ability to schedule:

Schedule the Appointment, hit Save:

Once you schedule the appointment, the Deal will automatically move from "Estimate Requested" to "Estimate Scheduled"

Appointment Scheduled through internal Appointment Scheduler will Create a Deal in Estimate Scheduled

When fielding phone calls, you have the ability to book an Appointment directly through DripJobs.

Trigger: When a New Appointment is Booked Internally

Action 1: Create Contact in DripJobs

Action 2: Create New Deal in Estimate Scheduled Stage

Action 3: Drip Sequence for Estimate Scheduled is Activated

Step 1: Go to the Appointments Tab and select "New Appointment"

Step 2: Add Appointment Details

Important: If there's an overlap in the schedule, you'll get a notification indicating what days and times are currently unavailable or currently booked before you Save the booking.

Step 3: Once booked, DripJobs will create a New Deal inside of the "Estimate Scheduled" Deal Stage

Proposal Created using Deal Command Center will Move any Deal in a prior stage before "Proposal Pending Delivery" to Proposal Pending Delivery Stage

Trigger: If a Deal is in (New Leads, Estimate Pending, Estimate Requested, Estimate Scheduled) and a Proposal is Created using the Deal Command Center

Action 1: DripJobs will move the Deal to Proposal Pending Delivery Stage

Action 2: Drip Sequence for Proposal Pending Delivery Stage Activated

Action 3: Proposal Logged inside of Deal Command Center

Step 1: Open Deal Command Center, hit "Create Proposal"

Step 2: Save a Proposal as a Draft

Note: When a Proposal is Created, it will automatically Save as a Draft until it is Sent.

Step 3: DripJobs will automatically Move the Deal to Proposal Pending Delivery

Step 4: The Deal Command Center will populate the Proposal that was generated inside of the Proposals / Jobs box to be accessed when you're ready to finish it.

When a Proposal is sent, if the Deal is in a stage prior to Proposal Sent, the Deal will move to Proposal Sent

Trigger: When there's a Deal in a Stage prior to "Proposal Sent", once a Proposal is Sent

Action 1: Move the Deal to Proposal Sent

Action 2: Proposal Sent Drip Sequence Activated

Step 1: Add Line Items to Create a Proposal

Step 2: Send the Proposal

Step 3: DripJobs moves the Deal to Proposal Sent Stage from any Prior Stage

Important: DripJobs will NOT move the deal here if the deal or job is beyond the Proposal Sent stage in order to avoid the wrong sequence sending, or duplicate drip sequences sending.

When a Customer Signs and Accepts a Proposal, the Deal will move to the Jobs Pipeline under stage "Project Pending Schedule"

Trigger: When a customer signs or places a deposit on a proposal

Action 1: DripJobs recognizes this is a "Job" and moves the Deal to "Jobs Pending Schedule" Stage

Action 2: Drip Sequence for "Project Pending Schedule" Activates

Action 3: User Notification Sent through Email

Step 1: Your customer signs the proposal through their Customer Portal

Step 2: The "Deal" is no categorized as a "Job" in the Jobs Pipeline under the Project Pending Schedule Job Stage

When a "Job" is scheduled through the Deal Command Center, the "Job" will move to Project Scheduled from the Project Pending Schedule Job Stage.

Trigger: When a "Job" is Scheduled

Action 1: DripJobs Moves Deal to Project Scheduled Job Stage

Action 2: DripJobs Adds Job to Jobs Calendar

Action 3: Drip Sequence For "Project Scheduled" Job Stage Activated

Step 1: Open the Deal Command Center for the Job you are wanting to Schedule. Select "Schedule Job" on the "Quick Actions" Menu.

Step 2: Select the Accepted Proposal that you're wanting to schedule and choose a Date & Time for the Project to be Scheduled

Important: DripJobs will notify you of any overlapping events if you choose a date with an event already scheduled.

Step 3: DripJobs will automatically move the Job from "Project Pending Scheduled" to "Project Scheduled"

When an Appointment is scheduled with a Deal that is in "New Leads" or "Estimate Pending" by using the "Schedule Apt" button in the Deal Command Center, the Deal will automatically move to "Estimate Scheduled"

Trigger: When a "Appointment" is Scheduled

Action 1: DripJobs Moves Deal to Estimate Scheduled Stage

Action 2: DripJobs Adds Appointment to Appointments Calendar

Action 3: Drip Sequence For "Estimate Scheduled" is Activated

Step 1: Locate a Deal inside of "New Leads" or "Estimate Pending" Deal Stage

Step 2: Open up the Deal Command Center and select "Schedule Apt" Quick Action

Step 3: Choose a Date & a Time for the Appointment and hit "Save"

Step 4: Deal Moves automatically to Estimate Scheduled!

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