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How to Add a New Drip Sequence
How to Add a New Drip Sequence
This article will show you how to add a new drip sequence within your current drips.
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  1. Click on Drips on the left hand side of your screen.

  2. Click on Add New Sequence under the deal stage you want to add a new sequence.

  3. Fill out the form as pictured below:

    1. Name: Pick a name for your new sequence to differentiate it from the other sequence in the deal stage.

    2. Sort Order:

      1. 1 = The sequence will be the first one that shows up on the list

      2. 2 = The sequence will show up second on the list.

    3. Click the box next to default sequence if you want to make the new sequence the default one used for all client communication.

  4. Hit Save once finished.

  5. You will now see your new sequence under the deal stage you created.

  6. Under the sequence name you created, select add new drip to add in your communication.

  7. Fill out the new drip form as shown below:

  8. Hit Save once finished.

Important: When you select the sequence, you can choose to make it a "default" which will activate the sequence whenever a Deal is moved to the stage it resides in automatically.

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