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How To Set Up a Forwarding Email Address In Gmail for Email Parsing
How To Set Up a Forwarding Email Address In Gmail for Email Parsing

A short guide to help you forward emails using Zapier Email parsing

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Zapier Email Parser allows you to extract customer data for your emails to properly format for Zap capability.

Once you've created your Zapier Parser Mailbox, head over to your Gmail account.

Click "See All Settings"

Once inside of settings, hit "Forwarding and POP/IMAP"

Hit "Add a forwarding address"

Visit: Http:// and create a mailbox

Copy your new mailbox address

Enter your new mailbox address in the box shown below

Gmail will want to confirm this is who you want to forward your emails to:

Gmail will verify permission by sending a code to your Zapier Mailbox

Visit your Zapier Mailbox and refresh the page until you get the confirmation email sent from Gmail. Find the code and copy it

Go back to Gmail, in "Forwarding and POP/IMAP input the confirmation code. Once done, hit "Verify"

Once verified, it will default to "disable forwarding" do not change this, leave it on "disable forwarding"

Next, select "Creating a filter!" link below

In the "Subject" line, type in "New Appointment Request". This will filter all of your DripJobs Appointment Request emails to send to the Zapier Mailbox.

Hit Create Filter

Check the "Forward it to:" Box and select the Zapier Mailbox from the dropdown

And that's it! When a new request notification comes through your email, you can Parse the email through the Zapier Email Parser and extract lead information to send to other apps within the Zapier eco-system.

If you need help setting this up, please contact or send in a support ticket.

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