Here is an example:

Some of you have wanted to integrate your booking form into your website. This is possible but you have to understand or hire someone who understands html clearly enough to do it.. The form can be put in an iframe, so if you or your developer can figure it out, here's a tutorial about iframes:

Caveat: your hosting/website setup may not allow iFrames that point to a different domain.

The form on the booking link cannot be edited.

For most users we recommend that you have a prominent button on your website that says Get Quote, that goes to your booking link. The booking link can be found in company settings.

When a customer fills out the booking link their information is put into DripJobs. When they are done filling out the form and hit submit, they are automatically taken to your Booking Redirect URL. This is found in Company Settings on the Customer Portal tab. You can put any URL in there. You might want to set it to your website or your Facebook page.

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