Appointment Reminders
DripJobs does not have appointment reminders yet. Here is a workaround.
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There is no feature to schedule drips based on the appointment time, but if you make a few drips in estimate scheduled, they will send if the “card” is still in that stage. When you’re done the appointment and you create a proposal, it moves from that stage, so if you create 3 or 4 reminder drips for estimate scheduled (space them out every week or so), and they will only go out if there is a card in that stage.

Verbiage could be:

Your appointment with {company-name} is coming up!
Date: {appointment-date}
Time: {appointment-time}
Location: {appointment-location}

For jobs, you can move the deal card to Project in Progress the day before the job starts. The drip for that deal stage (unless you changed it) says:

Great news, {first-name}! Your project with {company-name} starts tomorrow! We plan to arrive between 8AM-9AM to get started. If you have any questions, please feel free to text back or call {company-phone}. Thank you! - {salesperson-name}

Note that any information between these brackets { } will be filled in by the system. You can click on keywords when creating drips to automatically copy items in these brackets and paste them into your drips.

Note that you can ask us to add deal stages to the sales pipeline. If you would like a deal stage added so you can move deals over the day before to send a reminder (you would need to set up drips), please use the purple help button on

Another workaround we've seen is to open the appointment on the calendar and toggle the switches to communicate via SMS or email that the appointment or job has been rescheduled. The SMS message can be edited on the fly, and the email template can be edited in company setttings > templates.

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