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How to Optimize your Website - Basics
How to Optimize your Website - Basics

Your website is there to get people to book appointments with you - get them excited and make it easy for them to do it.

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There are a lot of cool things you can do with your website, like introducing yourself in a YouTube video so customers feel comfortable when you come to the door.

The most important thing is to showcase your work. Beautiful pictures of finished products are ideal. It's good to have a page where you can demonstrate your process, but the finished product is generally what people are interested in so make sure your focus is on that. If you're a painter, your clients may not be very excited about tape, painters and cans of paint, but when they see your beautiful work, that's why they book with you, so be sure you are focusing on your customer and what is going to get them excited. Your pictures should be big enough that someone can see the detail and it's nice if they use the space on the page effectively.

Once a customer is excited about your product or service, you want them to be able to easily book an appointment. This is where DripJobs comes in. Find your customizable DripJobs booking link in company settings, and set up a button that says Get Quote, or Request an Estimate - it should be bright and noticeable, and make sure that no matter where someone goes on your website, they can easily find it. We want our customers to request an appointment, so of course we want to make that very easy for them to do. When someone clicks the button, they should be taken to your booking link, then in Company Settings on the Customer Portal tab (tabs are across the top), you can set your booking redirect - most people put this as their website, which means that when your customer submits an appointment request, they are immediately taken back to your website. Some have used a YouTube video here but I would suggest embedding the YouTube video on your website, and setting your redirect there.

There are some cases where customers are not taken back to your website. For example, if they come in as a cold lead, they get the booking link but it is all filled out for them. They are viewing that form in the customer portal, where they have links to the left for your website, reviews, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, as well as any documents you upload as pdfs on the Customer Portal tab in Company Settings, like your license, warranty, and worker's compensation documents. The portal does not redirect them after they fill out this form but they have the opportunity to click on any of your other links to view them.

Here is an example:

If you are on a mobile device you can click the menu icon (3 horizontal stacked lines on the top left) to see the documents, website, reviews, and social media links.

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