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Company Settings > Company Information
Tutorial. Note that there are 8 tabs in company settings. Be sure to visit them all.
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When making changes, be sure to click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

  1. Company Name - put your company name here. This is sent in all your communications so check the spelling and capitalization.

    The Short Name appears in DripJobs but is not visible to customers.

  2. The Customer Booking Link is editable. Make any changes before you add this to your website, social media pages, etc.
    Use the copy button to copy the link to your clipboard, then you can paste the link into your browser to view it, also paste it into an email to your web developer and ask them to add a button to your website that says "Get Quote", and have it go to this link. Your logo can be added and the portal color can be matched to your logo. You can choose your Booking Redirect URL on the Customer Portal tab of Company Settings. Most users put their website, it is where customers get taken after filling out the form.

  3. Be sure to set your time zone.

  4. Fill in your license number, if applicable.

  5. Fill in your addresses, double check for accuracy.
    If email notifications are turned on for users (Click Users), they will be sent to the reply email listed in Company Settings on the Company Information tab, regardless of what email address the user has in their profile.

  6. If you have a tax rate, fill it in here. Items can be marked as taxable in products / services.

  7. Add your website

  8. Add your review URL - click here to learn how to get your Google Review URL:

  9. Add your social media links, but remove this portion: https://
    That will make them clickable.

  10. Upload your logo. It is best if you crop it first to remove any space. Space around your logo will make it appear smaller, even if you have a transparent background.

  11. Be sure to Save.

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