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Company Settings > App Settings
Type and hit enter to add crews and payment methods. Be sure to Save.
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  1. The App Settings tab is the second tab found in Company Settings

  2. Customer Types - this list is editable, you can choose from this list in the contact to indicate the contact type - this does not change the way DripJobs treats the contact, it is just for your internal notes.

  3. Customer Payments - you can add and delete payment types, just type and hit enter. As with all the tabs in company settings, be sure to click Save when finished.

  4. Lead Sources - we've added some default lead sources for you, you can add or delete, just type and hit enter, then Save.

  5. Type and hit enter to add your crews, then Save.

  6. Make sure your currency is correct - click the help button on if it's not right.

  7. Toggle the switches to indicate what days you are available for estimates.

  8. Enter email addresses, separated by commas, to get a blind carbon copy on all receipts.

  9. Be sure to Save any changes.

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