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Team Roles & Settings
Team Roles & Settings

These Help Articles Will Cover Team Roles & Settings

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How to Optimize your Website - Basics
How to update Terms and Conditions or Fine Print
How to Add and Delete Lead Sources
How to change a user's email address
Adding Users to DripJobs
How to cancel your DripJobs subscription
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Adding Crews to DripJobs
User Permissions and Access
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Company Settings: Calendar
Company Settings: App Settings
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Company Settings: Email Settings
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Assigning Crews to Jobs
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Reset Your Password on DripJobs
Setting Sales Tax
Editing Products/Services
Changing Your DripJobs Password
How to Change Your DripJobs Account Email
Uploading PDF files to Customer Portal
Filtering by Salesperson in the Sales Pipeline
Setting Up a Google Business Account
Filter by Users or Event Type on the Appointments Calendar
Filter by Users or Crews on the Job Schedule
Finding Your Google Review Link
Accessing Customer Success Assistance
Notifications Within DripJobs
Company Settings: Company Information
Using the Global Search Option
How to Find Your Booking Form Link
Customizing your Booking Form
Changing Time Zone
Creating Custom Date/Time Options in the Booking Form
Using FeatureBase to submit a feature request
Changing the Business Address on Proposals and Invoices