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Acceptable Content Guidelines
Acceptable Content Guidelines
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Any content that harbors hate, breaches the law, and/or infringes upon intellectual property rights is subject to review and may be eliminated at our discretion at any time.

Intellectual Property Rights

It's necessary that any content you provide to Dripshipper is either your original creation, or you have secured the requisite rights to use, exhibit, and resell it. The content should adhere to laws concerning publicity rights, trademarks, and copyrights.

Illegal Content

We will remove content that depicts child pornography. Content that is explicit, or that portrays, endorses, or glorifies illegal actions, harmful activities, terrorism, or individuals, groups, or organizations advocating such behavior, will not be accepted. Moreover, it is crucial that you adhere to the laws of your locale and the regions to which you are dispatching orders. The responsibility is yours to familiarize yourself with what you are legally allowed to create and what you are not for your store.


All content is subject to review, and we reserve the right to remove it at any time and for any reason. Each case is evaluated individually.

It's your responsibility as a store owner to follow our content guidelines โ€“ review our Terms of Service if you want to learn more details. By submitting content to Dripshipper, you accept that it complies with both our guidelines and Terms of Service.

This Policy shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the English language, regardless of any translations made for any purpose whatsoever.

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