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At Dripshipper, we believe in keeping things simple and transparent, especially when it comes to our return policy. Here's how we handle returns, with a focus on making things right for you and your customers:

  1. Your Responsibility: If there's a mistake on your end or your customer's end, such as providing incorrect product information or a wrong shipping address, we'll need you to cover the costs for correcting it. What to do? Simply place a new order and let us know about both the issue and the new order number. We'll make sure to prioritize your corrected order to get it on its way quickly.

  2. Our Responsibility: We're all human, and mistakes can happen on our end too. Our error rate is very low (only 0.0425%), but if we do slip up, like sending the wrong grind of coffee or using the wrong label, we fully take responsibility. Apologize to your customer on our behalf, place a new order, and send us a note about the mistake. We'll cover all costs for the new coffee and its shipping, and we'll get the corrected order out as fast as we can.

  3. Shared Responsibility: Sometimes, issues arise that are beyond your control or ours, such as carrier mistakes, package theft, or items reported undelivered. In these cases, you have the flexibility to decide the best course of action, whether that's filing a claim with the carrier or replacing the order. If you choose to replace the order, you'll cover the shipping, and we'll cover the coffee cost up to $25.00. Just enter a new order, email us with the details and the new order number, and we'll refund the coffee cost and expedite the replacement.

To sum up: If the mistake is yours, you cover the cost; if it's ours, we cover it; and if it's no one's fault, we share the responsibility to ensure your customer remains happy.Please, never ask a customer to return coffee to us. It's not cost-effective due to shipping, and we must discard any returned products for safety and quality reasons.For Order Replacements:

  • Create a new draft order in your store.

  • Mark it as paid.

  • Check the 'orders' tab in the Dripshipper app to confirm the order is processed and shows as paid.

  • Email us the order number and the issue details (based on whether it's situation 1, 2, or 3). We'll handle refunds and expediting as needed.

  • Once processed, you can forward the tracking information to your customer.

Please remember that we do not guarantee international orders in any way, and bulk orders are sold Ex-Warehouse.
We're here to support you and ensure your customers are satisfied, every step of the way.

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