Consider that there are a number of factors that could throw your Month Start Balance out of alignment – improvements are through diligent use of Dryrun by you and your bookkeeper. While its unlikely that they’ll ever be perfect to the cent, use the following suggestions to bring your balances into alignment:

  • Is your bank live feed correctly integrating with your accounting software?

  • Have you considered ‘timing issues’ – ie checks not cashed, deposits made on paper but not yet in fact

  • Has a bank reconciliation been performed regularly, accurately, and recently?Reconciling transactions means they’ll show up in your Dryrun feed – reconciling after a certain point in the month may result in a difference between Dryrun and your bank balance.

  • Are you starting Dryrun along with your (bookkeeper’s) month-start workflows?

  • If accounting software is being used to write checks and post deposits, the balance could be closer to the ‘checkbook balance’ rather than the actual bank account statement.

  • If you’re using multiple bank accounts instead of just one, consider evaluating your CoA and paring down how many accounts you import from.

  • If you’re using multiple bank accounts, the Month Start Balance in Dryrun will be an aggregate of all those amounts whereas Bills/Invoices/Recurrings may only come from one or two accounts (see the prior point).

  • If not all expenses are categorized as ‘bills’ do not hesitate to spend 10 minutes making a manual recurring budget. We can show you how to avoid duplicate items.

  • Have you been working with Dryrun for a couple of months? Long enough for item handling to ‘normalize’?

  • Please turn ‘Bump Overdue Items to Today’ to the ‘off’ position to get started.Dashboard > Settings > Due Date Tracking > Bump Overdue Items > Off

Reporting software is a summary of the history of your business, whereas cash flow management and forecasting is a ‘best-guess’ about transactions and plans for transactions from later today till next year. Minor differences are common between the total figures, but be sure to let us know if you’re experiencing an issue with numbers alignment at!

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