Sage Intacct users are required to undergo an additional authentication protocol before connecting their data to Dryrun. Below is the process:

You must authorize apps to make Web Services requests to your company by adding them to this list. If a sender ID is not on this list, any Web Services requests they make to your company will fail.

Enable Web Services

1. Log into Intacct (must be Admin) and go to Company > Subscriptions

2. Scroll down to Web Services and click the switch to enable it (please ignore the warning about additional fees as there is no charge.)

3. Go to your Company's Configuration options in the Setup tab:

2. Navigate to the Security Tab

4. Click on Edit at the top right hand corner of the screen

5. Scroll down to Web Services Authorizations in the Security tab and click Add

6. In the Sender ID box, enter LEVRMediaMPP. You can optionally add Dryrun for the description. Leave Status to Active and click Save.

7. At this point, LEVRMediaMPP should be visible in your Web Services Authorizations list. You can now proceed to connect to your company from Dryrun.

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